Victorias secret very sexy perfume. Lolita Lempicka By Lolita Lempicka.

Victorias secret very sexy perfume

I cannot get enough of bombshell! The next morning, there is was still on my wrist Unlike some of the reviews on this fragrance, I wouldn't label this as a "strictly high school" fragrance. Apr jlashmbarbie This is an eau de toilette so a lighter perfume suitable for summer. They will ask what you are wearing. Victorias secret very sexy perfume

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6 thoughts on “Victorias secret very sexy perfume”

  1. It was the perfect balance between fruity and floral without being cloying or way too flowery.

  2. I see many people mentioned ti was "high school" but I don't find it juvenile. The longevity isn't great-maybe an hour. Overall it's pleasant to my nose and I will wear it, even though it is not something I would normally reach for.

  3. Overall, I would buy this again. Unlike the other shows, the runway was designed parallel with the audience seats.

  4. It drives the boys crazy. Overall, I would buy this again. Jan Southern Blonde Affordable, sweet and youthful perfume.

  5. This to me smells mostly like cherry blossom over the peach, I can still smell the peach but I mostly smell the cherry blossom.

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