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Sex while wearing sperm stopper

And it was the perfect size! I watched and remembered what a beautiful pussy she has, thick, full labia and large clit. They seemed uninterested in Hayden and Michelle entirely. The redhead, probably around 11 or 12, also wore nothing but a leather collar to which was attached a length of chain. The couple turned to each other and locked lips. She sucked on it for about twenty or thirty seconds, at which point Michelle stopped them. Sex while wearing sperm stopper

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  1. She places her feet over his thighs and he jack hammers her pussy as she rubs her clit and she lifts her body up and down his rod. I watched and remembered what a beautiful pussy she has, thick, full labia and large clit.

  2. She looked absolutely radiant. I glanced up at Dani as I pulled my cock out and watched her in her last few seconds of orgasm, thrusting three fingers up her twat. He has quite the cock.

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