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Recidivism rates for sex predators

And if you distinguish among sex offenders based on risk factors, such as offender age, degree of sexual deviance, criminal history, and victim preferences—instead of looking at them as a homogenous group—you may find a higher or lower rate. Second, it was thought that sex offenses against children were commonly committed by strangers. Nor does it mean that these kinds of variables cause people to commit sex offenses. Sexual assaults committed by youth are a growing concern in this country. Chanakya Sethi is a writer and attorney in New York. Recidivism rates for sex predators

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  1. Without the option of community supervision and treatment, the vast majority of incarcerated sex offenders would otherwise serve their maximum sentences and return to the community without the internal treatment and external supervision controls to effectively manage their sexually abusive behavior. They found a rate of 14 percent over a period averaging five to six years.

  2. As a result, research has identified significant differences in reoffense patterns from one category to another. For a variety of reasons, many victims of sexual assault are reluctant to invoke the criminal justice process and do not report their victimization to the police.

  3. It also seems logical that cognitive distortions would be related to continued offending. As you have likely experienced in your work, there is no usual age that represents the sex offender—some are young, some are middle—aged, and some are more elderly.

  4. Well, not yet at least. Individual characteristics of the crimes further distinguish recidivism rates.

  5. For these reasons, relying on rearrest and reconviction data underestimates actual reoffense numbers. And I also noted that some of these characteristics have been found to predict reoffending—or sexual recidivism.

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