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Article about same sex marriage

For example, the Canadian Psychological Association stated in that "parents' financial, psychological and physical well-being is enhanced by marriage and that children benefit from being raised by two parents within a legally-recognized union. On the same date, Minnesota voters voted against a constitutional prohibition of same-sex marriages. They were the first instances of public votes to establish same-sex marriage. She announced her support for same-sex marriage in March At a news conference in White Plains, Clinton said , "Marriage has got historic, religious and moral content that goes back to the beginning of time, and I think a marriage is as a marriage has always been, between a man and a woman. The law went into effect Aug. It has become such a problem that a public candlelight vigil in downtown Boston is held every year by a coalition of Massachusetts homosexual groups "to remember victims of recent LGBT intimate partner violence, and to raise awareness of this important community issue. Article about same sex marriage

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  1. The Senate then asked the court for an advisory opinion on the constitutionality of a proposed law that would bar same-sex couples from civil marriage but would create civil unions as a parallel institution, with all the same benefits, protections, rights and responsibilities under law. Since that time, many states have taken actions to clearly define marriage as a relationship between a man and a woman and others have allowed same-sex couples to marry. It even included a directory of bars in Boston where young men meet for anonymous sex.

  2. In April , the Chairman of the Mass. Timeline of same-sex marriage in the United States Two men celebrate their marriage in the United States. I believe all Americans, no matter their race, no matter their sex, no matter their sexual orientation, should have that same freedom to marry

  3. Rhode Island passed same-sex marriage legislation and Governor Chafee signed the bill into law on May 2, It should serve as a warning to states across the country. Businesses are often "tested" for tolerance by homosexual activists.

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